The Octagon Dental Health Plan

Because prevention is the best solution

Research shows that preventive dentistry through regular dentist and hygiene appointments greatly reduces the risk of dental disease and costly treatments. There is also a proven link between good oral health and overall health, so it really does pay to keep on top of your dental care. At Octagon Dental Centre we’ve created a comprehensive payment plan that not only allows you to spread the cost of your preventive dental care, but includes a host of special benefits too – giving you complete peace of mind, year in, year out.

  • Why choose the Octagon Dental Health Plan?

    • All your preventive dental care – check-ups, routine X-rays and hygienist appointments – is included, with prices starting at £18.00 a month
    • Problems are more likely to be spotted and dealt with long before they cause pain, inconvenience and expensive dental work
    • You’ll save money – the plan includes a 10% discount on treatment fees
    • enjoy flexible appointment times, guaranteed access to a dentist, and a 10% discount on treatment fees
    • You’ll get priority booking for dental emergencies, access to a 24-hour international helpline and worldwide dental insurance
    • Direct debits mean stress-free monthly payments, with no nasty surprises

  • How it works

    We’ve teamed up with DPAS Limited, a leading provider of dental plans, to create a package that best suits our patients. Your monthly direct debit payments go directly to DPAS.

  • How to join

    Joining is simple and fast – simply complete our registration form, a direct debit form and an authorisation form for DPAS. A £10 registration fee will be included in your initial direct debit payment. Or why not simply give us a call - you can join over the phone!

For more information on staying dentally fit, pick up a leaflet at the practice, give us a call, or send us an email today!

patient looking at scan with dentist