Smile TRU clear aligners in Southampton


If you’re looking for teeth-straightening with minimal visual impact, Smile TRU clear aligners could be the answer. A high-tech alternative to fixed braces, the Smile TRU system involves wearing a series of transparent positioning trays that gently move your teeth into the required location. They are almost invisible, making Smile TRU an excellent option for anyone who wants a smile makeover treatment that won’t impact on your daily life.

invisible braces clear aligners
invisible braces


  • How does Smile TRU work?

    Your dental impressions will be sent to the Smile TRU lab in the US, where the technicians create a digital image of your smile post-treatment. If you are happy with it, a positioning tray will then be engineered and sent back to your dentist. The tray gently works on your teeth for a few weeks before a replacement tray is required – a system that continues until the end of the treatment.

  • What are the advantages of Smile TRU?

    The Smile TRU clear aligner is virtually indistinguishable, making it ideal for anyone who feels their career or lifestyle is not suited to wearing more obvious fixed braces. The positioners are also removable for eating, drinking, brushing or perhaps an important event.

  • Is Smile TRU right for me?

    You will need an in-depth consultation with your dentist to know for sure. Smile TRU is designed to work on the front teeth only, so is ideal for creating a beautifully straight smile, but may not be suitable if you require more extensive dental work.

  • Does Smile TRU hurt?

    No, although as with most orthodontic appliances, some discomfort may be experienced in the first couple of days of wearing a new positioner – but this is easily managed and will subside.

  • How long is the SmileTRU treatment time?

    If worn for the recommended time of 22 hours a day, SmileTRU treatments generally take around 4-12 months.