Preventive teeth straightening in Southampton


Did you know that orthodontics can help children as young as seven? If your family dentist recommends it, early intervention will gently assist the development of a properly aligned jaw, preventing the need for costly and invasive procedures in adulthood and improving your child’s smile and overall dental health. Although the idea of wearing a brace can be daunting, a beautiful beaming smile is arguably the best gift you can give your child, boosting their self-esteem and preventing costly dental problems in the future.

young girl smiling with braces
child in dentist chair with dentist looking at his teeth


  • How will I know if my child needs early preventive orthodontics?

    The tell-tale signs include:

    • Early or late loss of baby teeth
    • Difficulty chewing and/or biting; crossbites, underbites or overbites
    • Mouth breathing; tongue thrusting; speech impediments
    • Thumb sucking beyond the age of five
    • Protruding and crowded front teeth or teeth that don't come together properly

    If your child presents with any of the above symptoms, consult Octagon Dental Centre for advice and a tailor-made treatment plan with our specialist orthodontist.

  • What are the benefits of early preventive orthodontics?

    The soft, still-growing jawbones of children are much easier to manipulate than adult mouths, giving dentists an amazing window of opportunity to correct existing problems and prevent any future ones, using a range of gentle orthodontic appliances. Once the bone is fully grown, at around the age of 13, it hardens and becomes more challenging to treat.

  • What does early treatment involve?

    In some cases, early intervention could simply involve an orthodontic consultation in which the dentist detects a potential problem to be addressed further down the line. Other cases might require the use of braces to move teeth to allow adult teeth to come through in better positions. For this reason, it is recommended that all children receive an orthodontic check-up by the age of seven, the optimal age for setting in motion the most effective treatment plan for the next few years.