Fixed orthodontic solutions in Southampton


Traditional fixed braces – ‘train tracks’ – are non-removable, stainless steel brackets that are glued to each tooth and fixed with wires. Simple yet effective, they offer guaranteed results in a predictable time frame. Traditional fixed braces are an ideal solution for children, who can customise theirs with coloured brackets and elastics; adults may want to consider more discreet tooth-coloured or ‘invisible’ braces. Consult your dentist at Octagon Dental Centre to find the best solution for you.

girl smiling with braces
woman smiling with braces


  • They can treat most orthodontic problems

    Whether you or your child presents with minor misalignment or major malocclusion, fixed braces are often the most effective solution. They can be used to correct underbites, overbites and crossbites, as well as closing up large gaps and fixing teeth that are rotated, protruding or crooked.

  • They work continuously, day and night

    The ‘fixed’ aspect of the brace is key, as it means your teeth are being worked on 24 hours a day – unlike a removable brace, which is all too tempting to take out, or leave at home, whenever you don’t feel like wearing it.

  • They don’t hurt

    The procedure of applying or removing fixed braces is completely painless – although there may be mild soreness for a few days afterwards as you get used to the feeling of the braces in your mouth. Any discomfort is, however, temporary.

  • They take a little getting used to

    Most patients find fixed braces feel odd or uncomfortable for the first month – but gradually this sensation disappears.

  • They must be cleaned every day

    This is to keep both your teeth and your braces in optimum condition. Your family dentist will supply you with an after-care pack containing all the kit you need to look after your brace properly. Neglect your dentist’s instructions and you will be at risk of swollen, bleeding or infected gums.


At Octagon Dental Centre we offer an excellent range of discreet braces for adults, including ceramic tooth-coloured braces and the Empower low-friction brace system.

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