Endodontic root canal therapy in Southampton


Root canal is the dental treatment many people instantly associate with pain – but this really is a social hangover from the early 20th century, when dental treatments and anaesthetics were considerably less advanced. Be assured that if you require root canal surgery, the procedure – carried out under anaesthetic – will be painless and provide immediate relief from your infected tooth. At Octagon Dental Centre our experienced endodontics team carries out root canal treatments in a calm and relaxing environment, with a dental therapist on hand to help with nervous or anxious patients.

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  • What is endodontics?

    ‘Endo’ means ‘inside’, and endodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with decay that has spread inside the tooth cavity, or root canal, infecting the tooth pulp.

  • How do I know if I need root canal?

    Contact your dentist at Octagon Dental Centre if you are experiencing severe tooth or bite pain, the most common symptoms associated with root canal problems, along with sensitivity to hot foods and drinks, and tender gums. A dental examination and x-rays will confirm if root canal treatment is your next course of action.

  • What does root canal treatment involve?

    Root canal treatment involves the removal of infected pulp. Once the space left behind has been filled with a benign rubber-like substance, your dentist will then carry out restorative dental work to complete the treatment.

  • What are the advantages of root canal treatment?

    Endodontic treatments are a cost-effective and less invasive alternative to extractions and dental implants. Root canal treatment has an extremely high success rate, prevents reinfection – and, crucially, saves your natural tooth.